Wow! What can I say…I have been nervously putting off taking my measurements after doing two 10-week boot camps with Sean. I knew that things were moving in the right direction…My jeans needed to be a smaller size, tops were loose and I was able to wear dresses I hadn’t put on since before I had my last baby. But on top of this the changes in my muscle tone has also been very satisfying and I’ve now lost over 10 inches across all of my measurements.

The thing that has amazed me is that this is the first fitness activity that I have not got bored of….every boot camp session morning starts with the element of surprise when you go through the door to see what equipment and layout Sean has set up…sometimes there are group efforts needed or working individually but each sessions is different to the last. As well as the inch loss, I feel better running about with my children, I have more stamina and I generally feel more positive since starting Boot camp.

Imagine the buzz you get when you start a new fitness class every time you turn up to boot camp….:)

There are people of all abilities and the session allow for that so you can work to your level but still be part of the group efforts. That does not mean you can drift through the session..oh no!…there’s motivation and encouragement from Sean and his team and also from the other boot campers.

One of the best things about doing boot camp first thing in the morning is the virtuous feeling that you have started your day really going for it and it sets me up for a positive day.

Sean and his team are a pleasure to have as instructors, they know their stuff, are motivating and keep things fresh on top of being nice people who want the same results as we do.

I look forward to the start of the next boot camp….I always miss it during the breaks.

Vicki – Fitter than I’ve been for years,

Target – to continue improving my fitness levels and inch loss.

By Sean Burgess
Invincible Bootcamp and SB Fitness Founder

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