So, let’s start by jumping in a time machine and go back to your science classes at school, hopefully you can all still recall your lessons on chemical reactions and atoms right?? Don’t panic if you don’t I’m not really expecting you to, however for the purposes of reading through this fitness case study (fitness is not a typo by the way!) the following short statement once recited by your former teachers is useful to keep in mind…

‘The use of a strong catalyst or ‘intervention’ is proven to speed up a reaction’’

So why am I going on about chemical reactions in what is meant to be a fitness article I hear you ask ? Well your first guess is wrong, I’m not a slightly deluded scientist who loves running exercise linked experiments. I am however a fitness coach with a seemingly very active imagination. The real truth is when I see life changing transformations in front of me from within my fitness courses, it always sparks my curiosity about what the original catalyst was for that person to initially sign-up?

As I have come to learn ‘kickstarts’ or catalysts to start exercising and altering a lifestyle are often multi-dimensional and sometimes quite diverse. However, one catalyst that often stands out from the crowd is an impending birthday, especially when it’s the start of a new decade!

If you didn’t mumble anything in agreement to yourself there then one reader definitely did, the star of this case study (drum roll!) Mr Dan Bedford; an inspirational 3 time Invincible Bootcamp winner. *Apologies in advance, there are more innocuous story links to come!

So, lets rewind your minds back to the summer of 2014, Pharrell was ‘happy’ to be top of the music charts, Scottish independence was voted down and a local Ferndown resident well known for his love of coloured liquor and shapely physique was about to turn 30 (the catalyst!).

With the metaphorical birthday boot kicking him into action, Dan decided to join a gym with the intention to reverse the preceding decade of sedentary behaviour. However, on his look around one potential option (Broadstone) he unexpectedly noticed a poster for our upcoming Invincible Bootcamp (IBC) course.

In tandem to being inspired by the IBC participant successes on the adjacent flyer and conscious of his previous low motivation and distain for exercising on his own, he decided to take the plunge and signed-up for 10 weeks of Bootcamp instead of joining a gym.

This ultimately proved to be a justified decision, fast forward 2 and a half months (end of summer) and the previously untrained Dan hadn’t only completed IBC but he went onto win it by losing 11.1 lbs in weight, 7.4 Inches and 3.6% body fat, a then course record.


Buoyed on by his wardrobe changing results, Dan now also had to find a channel outside of our classes for his newfound energy for life. The result surprising to many was a decision to start competitively racing karts in the Autumn of 2014, an unheralded feat for someone who in his own admission had never ‘really even raced his friends before let alone enter competitions’.

“By the end of my first bootcamp course I found myself wanting to take on the fittest people in the room during each morning’s session, which is a crazy thing to say as in the first few weeks I was just struggling to even complete the 45 minutes” (Dan Bedford, 2016).

In the weeks, months and years that have followed that 30th birthday Bootcamp crown, Dan has pleasingly gone onto greatly surpass those initial 10-week body composition results. At his peak the now poster boy of IBC boasted weigh loss statistics inclusive of losing 32.3lbs, 25.4 inches and 10.8% body fat.

Now 33 years old, the subsequent decade since that birthday in 2014 has undoubtedly been the healthiest one yet for this local car mechanic. Walking most places has replaced driving, chicken breasts are now more favourable than chicken nuggets, water takes precedence over fizzy drinks and hearing about fitness related subjects is now the bain of his partner, family and, friends life’s.

‘I’m always trying to get my friends to join Invincible Bootcamp especially the gym goer’s who moan about their progress. In the years that I’ve done the courses I have learnt so much about how to train, eat and rest properly and I still eagerly look forward to each session even now. The results are fantastic and there is a great community of people taking part which makes it easy for anyone to join or keep coming back’ (Dan Bedford, 2016).

At the time of writing (July 2017) Dan has just signed up for his 7th IBC course and shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re inspired to be our next success story then just click here for more information about signing-up.

Sean Burgess
(MSc, BSc (Hons), ASCC, MGBT)
SB Fitness Founder

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