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The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre

Y.M.C.A Bournemouth


10 Top Tips For The Ultimate Beach Body

Ok I know at times the gods don’t always deliver the perfect sunshine that you might be craving, it is England remember. But no question there will be times over the next few months when the debate about which pair of flip flops to wear and which beach to visit will...

Stay hydrated this summer

Ok so this is the general rule of thumb that you have probably recited or been told when it comes to staying hydrated over the summer months. Don't let yourself become dehydrated when it's hot, drink before your thirst kicks in. Always carry water as it is the best...

The Micronutrient Truth

Have a think how many people do you know who never seem to go longer than a short period of time a couple of weeks maybe without seemingly picking up a sniffle, high fever or a full blown cold? This person might even be yourself, if it is are you often referred to as...

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