At SB Fitness we regularly see clients who exercise towards a goal to show a greater level of commitment, motivation and application when it comes to ensuring they get the final results which they desire.

1 – 1 Training £32.50/hour


No matter what the fitness training goal is we are always passionate to work with anyone who is committed to seeking a positive change. we regularly help many people train for:

  • weight / inch loss
  • muscular shape and tone
  • muscular strength and size
  • nutrition for weight management and fitness performance
  • sports specific goals (i.e. improve speed, agility or game related fitness)

Partner Training From £25 each per session



This is why we often promote personal training alongside someone else (2 people) amongst the partners, friends and small groups that look to utilise our expertise. Many years in the fitness industry has shown us that sharing your experiences and having a greater level of accountability is an effective way for any individual to stay on track with their fitness targets both in the short and long term.


If you don’t believe us then why not give training with a friend, family member or partner a go by booking a joint session now

Small Group Training


In simple terms semi-private personal training (PT) is structured exercise training sessions carried out with a small group of 3 – 5 similar minded individuals. However, as many will testify semi-private PT offers lots more features and benefits than just your normal small group training classes.


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