Our personal training philosophy is built entirely around you the client, which means that all of our trainers are always focused solely on finding the best personalised solution to give you the results you want in the time frame you want them.

In simple terms small group personal training (PT) is personalised and structured exercise sessions delivered for a group of 3 to 5 people. However as many clients will testify our small group PT sessions offer a lot more features and benefits than just taking part in a standardised group exercise class.

The Benefits of Small Group Training

Greater Personalisation Than A Big Group Class! Often in group classes you get left out in the wilderness wondering if you’re doing the exercises correctly (sound familiar?). With a smaller number of people training at the same time this is certainly not the case with our sessions and you can be rest assured that you will continually get shown the correct techniques and given appropriate exercises that best fits your needs.

Provides Structured Training

Your normal ‘free to attend’ group classes can provide a good platform to stay active and boost fitness, but they fail to offer you any structured progressive training which is personalised to you. Not only do we tailor your exercises in each session but we also record your body statistics in week 1 and then again in weeks 5 and 10, as a means to set you goals and effectively plan your exercise and nutrition routines.

Increased Motivation

Training with other like minded individuals is proven to increase motivation levels, fact! In addition it can also be a fun way to achieve your fitness goals, break up the rigour of training on your own and also provide a good platform to share your positive experiences with like minded others in-person and also on-line through our social media channels.

SMALL GROUPS (3-5 People)

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