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Pregnancy means your body will undergo some amazing changes, which will affect you physically, psychologically and emotionally. In regards to undertaking exercise the safest way forward is to seek professional advice from one of our qualified SB Fitness trainers with experience of exercise prescription for pre and post-natal women.

By undertaking appropriate exercise during each trimester of your pregnancy and after you have given birth, you will benefit from increased levels of energy and also confidence as psychologically you start to regain control over your body.

If you have any concerns or just simply wish to find out more about Pre and Post Natal training then please contact us at any time by clicking here

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The Junction Sports & Leisure Centre

Y.M.C.A Bournemouth


10 Top Tips For The Ultimate Beach Body

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Stay hydrated this summer

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The Micronutrient Truth

Have a think how many people do you know who never seem to go longer than a short period of time a couple of weeks maybe without seemingly picking up a sniffle, high fever or a full blown cold? This person might even be yourself, if it is are you often referred to as...

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