A local man returning home from a family adventure break to Wales might not sound like ground breaking news, but to the individual involved the holidays culmination 2 weeks ago marks the pinnacle of a truly life changing transformation.

Nearly 4 years ago today likeable Broadstone resident and local car sprayer Dave Dawson now 53 made the 5-hour+ drive to mount Snowden in Llanberis, Wales to go on a walking break with family and friends. The then untrained and overweight Dave recalls the trip as being ‘a great struggle, I remember finding it difficult to keep going on each walk and I was in bits afterwards’.

Fast forward to this autumn and the trip up Wales highest mountain was a completely different story, so much so that Dave describes the walk as being ‘quite easy and no real challenge at all’. So what happended in between Dave’s first trip up Snowden and his most recent one to stimualte such a large physical and psychological turnaround?

Well the transformation began in January 2015 when after a 15 year break from regular structured exercise and 20-25 years since the peak fitness days of playing for Bournemouth Rugby Club, Dave decided to join his local gym the Junction Sports and Leisure Centre, Broadstone to kick-start what he hoped would be a major lifestyle change heading into the new year. It was here where I met the out of sorts but definitely not shy Dave going through a workout one evening.

After a positive first conversation we booked in a personal training taster session and I passed on a flyer for the 7th edition of my upcoming early morning Invincible Bootcamp (IBC) course, which was about to start in a few weeks’ time. Determined to achieve the goals which I laid out for him Dave signed up for both services and the transformation journey began. Starting at a weight of 108.8kg the new structured exercise and nutrition routine worked immediately and by Mid-March and the end of IBC7 (10 weeks) Dave had lost 22lbs in weight and nearly 9 inches across all of his measurements.

But the early days of IBC wasn’t easy though, the smiling Dave looks back on that time and says ‘I can see why people might quit after a few weeks, when your heavier everything initially feels so much harder but having so many others around you with the same goal does really drag you along’. With the bit between his teeth after his initial successes Dave has been focused ever since on not regressing and hasn’t un-wavered once on keeping his new enjoyable fitness lifestyle going.

Fast forward to the time of writing (18+ months) Dave has now lost more than 40lbs, over 20 inches and 10% of his body fat. But what is even more remarkable than the staggering body composition results is he has now also completed the Bournemouth marathon, 3 tough mudder events and plans to begin competing in Triathlons next year and maybe even an iron man event in 2018!

You can see now why the summit of Wales grandest mountain is no longer such a feared a task. However, despite having so many more training goals, the married father of 2 and business owner has no intention of giving up with IBC in the mornings. ‘I think pretty much everyone would benefit from IBC because it becomes a community which I love being part of and, having that makes it so much easier to achieve your goals and enjoy exercise’.

By Sean Burgess
Invincible Bootcamp and SB Fitness Founder

To find out more about joining Invincible Bootcamp (IBC) our latest special offers and other participants like Dave please visit www.invinciblebootcamp.com or call/email us through 01202 282 726 / info@seanburgessfitness.com.



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