Having reached the grand old age of 42 and not liking what I saw in the mirror or feeling constantly tired of dragging my body around even just walking to work, I decided enough was enough. I set myself a goal to run the Bournemouth 10k. I trained for the race correctly and was happy some months later to have completed it although running never felt natural to me, my breathing was always laboured and each run never seemed to get any easier. Once the race was over I seemed to return to my old ways of staying in bed in the morning rather than going for a run. I did feel guilty but somehow still stayed in bed. Then I saw Sean’s Bootcamp advertised and decided to sign up and give it ago.

Wow! From the very first session, although it was tough, I loved it! Every session is different and within a very short time I could feel my fitness improve massively! I no longer seemed to be dragging my body around, in fact the opposite is true! I now feel really energized, have a spring in my step and look forward to each and every session.

I’ve made some friends at bootcamp too! It’s nice to have met new people and we encourage each other to push ourselves that bit harder.

I have completed two of Sean’s Bootcamps now and done the pre-Christmas HIIT’s training. I feel great have lost over 5 inches but gained so much more…confidence and self-respect to name just two.

When the HIIT’s training finished at Christmas I didn’t want to return to my old ways of staying in bed so I put on my running shoes and hit the pavements. I couldn’t believe it! My fitness has improved so much that on my first run out in over twelve months I ran 5k without even a second thought. My breathing was easy and so was the run! I can only put this down to Sean, his team and the Bootcamp programme…along with my own commitment to it of course! I am now well and truly addicted to exercise. I can’t wait to start Bootcamp again and intend to keep the running up too!


Sean Burgess (MSc, BSc (Hons), ASCC, MGBT)

SB Fitness Founder
Phone: 01202 282726



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